Raleigh runs expeditions in Borneo, Costa Rica & Nicaragua, Nepal, and Tanzania for individuals and groups of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. These expeditions involve volunteering in community and environmental projects as well as undertaking tough adventure challenges. All Raleigh volunteer expeditions are designed to be challenging, life-changing experiences. The more you put in, the more you get out of it!

Raleigh expeditions are usually 10 weeks long with three phases – Community, Environmental, and Adventure. However, for time constricted volunteers, they may opt for a 5 or 7 week expedition.


Community projects allow venturer teams to work alongside community members on projects that aim to improve the quality of life of those communities. These partnerships have seen the construction of hundreds of education facilities, bridges and water systems commissioned, health and community centres built together with the health screening of tens of thousands of people. Venturer teams have been welcomed into thousands of communities across the world, increasing their confidence in working with people from different cultures and their understanding of global sustainable development issues.


Environmental projects allow venturer teams to experience unique environments from marine to desert to rainforest, working with the custodians of protected areas, international environmental organisations and scientists to assist in the global conservation effort.


Adventure projects provide physical challenges that test venturers’ resilience as they trek across deserts, over mountain ranges, through rainforests, canoe down rivers, across lakes and battle the waves whilst coastal kayaking.


Who Can Volunteer?

  • For 17 - 24 year olds volunteering on their gap year as an alternative to travelling alone or backpacking, or referred through a host country partnership
  • For 25+ year olds volunteering whilst on a career break, sabbatical or enjoying retirement.


When Can I Volunteer?

There are usually three "intakes" each year. There's the Spring, Summer and Autumn expeditions. Spring usually takes place from February - April, while Summer takes place from June - August and lastly, the Autumn expeditions are from October - December. 

For the exact dates for each expedition, the dates can be accessed here.


What are the Costs?

For a Malaysian to embark on a local Raleigh expedition to Malaysian Borneo, the fees are 

10 week expedition RM7,500*
7 week expedition RM7,500*
5 week expedition RM7,500*

*Malaysian may apply for a bursary from Raleigh Borneo, and depeding on your aplication, one may only need to pay a lowest fee of RM3000.

To embark on an international Raleigh expedition to Costa Rica & Nicaragua, Nepal or Tanzania, the fees are 

10 week expedition £5,000
7 week expedition £4,500
5 week expedition £3,600

In Raleigh, we highly encourage our potential venturers to fundraise their expedition costs because we are a charity, and we believe that by taking yourself a step further in initiating a fundraising campaign, you will be able to understand the monetary value of support, hardwork and commitment. You will also be able to experience the opportunity to develop new skills in communication, public speaking, sponsorship networking, and many more! 

Though fret not, you will not be alone in this as Raleigh KL will facilitate and guide you in every step of your fundraising journey. For more information on how to fundraise, click here to read up on our guide and click here to read up on our venturer's stories about their expedition and their fundraising journey.

Do note for individuals 25 years old and above, the expedition costs and duration are a little bit different, hence do drop us an email at info@raleighinternational.org.my if you wish to find out more.


For more information about expedition, please click here to read up on our FAQs.

Lastly, to potential venturers who may be interested or just curious in our expeditions, feel free to drop us a message here.