A short hike to Sungai Chilling waterfalls

7.30am: A clear grayish-blue sky overlooked the skycrapers surrounding KL Sentral departure entrance. That was where participants gathered for headcount before departing to destination, the Sungai Chiling waterfalls in Kuala Kubu Baru.

8.00am: After registration, everyone hopped into the assigned car and set off.

9.00am: Within an hour or so, the convoy reached the welcoming arch of Sungai Chiling fish sanctuary. Joining us that day were the honorable Mr. and Mrs. Razak, together with their two adorable sons. Mr. and Mrs. Razak were the pioneering members of Raleigh International who went to expedition in Bahamas and Chile. It was a great pleasure to have them with us. Buzzing with excitement, we had a round of ice-breaking and also a hearty discussion on ongoing projects and expedition.

10.00am: Soon after the registration at the ranger hut, we started an hour journey on the wet and sandy trail. We crossed 6 rivers, some up to the waistline, till we were all drenched in sweat and river water.

11.00am: We reached the first waterfall. It was an amazing sight, with the fountain cascading down 5 storeys high of rock formations, and lush greenery surrounding the secluded spot. Fish were spotted loitering in the still pools, while hovering over them are stony platforms for people to sunbathe. Without much thought, we dropped our bags and waded into the water. Some clambered up onto the slippery ladders made of natural rocks, and plunged off into the gushing waters.

2.00pm: After some splish-splashing, we returned to land with a mounting appetite. It was a perfect time for a serving of steamy soup and hotpot ingredients. Everyone chowed down lunch.

3.30pm: Time flew. After cleaning up the area, we left the first waterfall and walked back towards the ranger’s hut. It started drizzling right after we stepped into the starting square.

4.30pm: We finally reached Kl Sentral. It was a remarkable experience to see such beauty in the makings of Malaysian rainforest. Provided enough time and resources, some vowed to return and witness the wonders of the second and third waterfalls in Sungai Chiling area.  

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