Blindfolded Marathon

One Man. . .

26.2 Miles. . .

Total Darkness

An Incredible Feat with an Exceptional Cause

On 20th November 2011 during the Penang Bridge

International Marathon, a man named Tim will be in one of

the most amazing run of his life.

---A Blindfolded Marathon---

He'll be running 42.195km, for about 6 hours, all for a good cause.

The charity event is to fundraise for Raleigh Borneo Expedition and Malaysia Glaucoma Society.

Glaucoma, the silent killer of eye, is a leading cause of blindness in people. Were you aware that almost all blindness due to glaucoma can be prevented? Hence, Tim will embark his journey to Sabah with one of the aim to provide Basic Vision Acuity Test to the people during community phase.

You can help to support Tim through a nominal donation of RM 20 or more to send him for expedition, and also sponsor a child with eye problem to seek treatment.

Please respond by visiting to pledge your support and to find out more.

To donate, please bank in to the following account or pass donation to collectors.

Beneficiary Name : Lok Chen Haw

Account Number : 1236-0036663-52-1

Bank : CIMB Berhad

We truly believe that a lot of blindness is unnecessary, so help to support our cause on this Run For Sight - Blindfold Marathon. Thank you in advance and you can make in a chance in someone's life.

^ ^

Passionate Runner,


Borneo Spring 2012 Venturer To Be

+60 12 485 4990

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