Aged 17-24

Think Raleigh is only for people taking a gap year? Think again.
Regardless of your background, education path, nationality or race, we believe that a Raleigh expedition should be open to anyone who's up for an adventure, making a difference by volunteering and wanting to learn about themselves and different cultures.

We call you all venturers and whilst you'll all be volunteering together on expedition the ways in which you join an expedition are slightly different.

Feel like doing something different?
Raleigh runs volunteer expeditions in Costa Rica & Nicaragua, Tanzania, India and Malaysia which means that you can join a Raleigh expedition in your country of residence. You'll work on volunteer projects with people from all different ages, backgrounds and nationalities to give you the opportunity to get involved, meet new people and make a difference!

10 week expeditions
Join other venturers from all walks of life on Raleigh unique 10 week expedition. You'll spend 3 weeks on a community project, living and working with local communities and another 3 weeks protecting the country's natural habitats and wildlife. The final 3 weeks is a tough mental and physical adventure battling nature's elements.

The projects
Whether providing villages in Borneo with their first drop of running water or conserving the elephant population in India, Raleigh expedition projects are planned with local partners so you can get really involved with rural communities and habitats and spend your year out volunteering to make a much needed difference.

Read the expedition blogs at the side panel or browse word of mouth to check out what a gap year on a Raleigh expedition is really like!

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