Christmas Celebration at Children Refugee Camp

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In the spirit of giving, our ex-IWers from team Alpha of Introduction Weekend September 2014 visited a children refugee camp on the 20th of December to spread joy for their PIWP (Post Introduction Weekend Project). The Children Refugee camp received a generous donation of 50 tables and chairs through a sponsorship secured by Team Alpha with HELP University.

Team Alpha gave the children a wonderful Christmas celebration by hosting a homemade dinner and spend time playing with them. We'd like to thank Team Alpha for their effort in making this an unforgettable event for the children. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

December Monthly Activity: Reconnecting with the Stars!

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It’s that time of the year again! The Geminid meteor shower! Raleigh KL’s December Monthly Activity will be stargazing! Why stargazing? Because it is written in Raleigh KL’s stars that’s why! So do join us and bring your own food and drinks there! 

Below are the details for December Monthly Activity: Reconnecting with the stars!

Fee: RM 0 
U SAID WHUT, MATE?! Yes! This month’s activity will be 100% free, not a single cent will be coming out of your pocket! So bring your best buddies in Raleigh KL as the whole point of this activity is to reconnect with Raleigh KL members old and new! It will be a great way to catch up with your RKL friends from years ago! For those who are new to Raleigh KL and want to know more about us, this will be a great opportunity!

Meet up point: Kepong Sentral KTM station
Venue: Jalan Sungai Tua, near Empangan Batu (3° 17’33.5”N 101° 41’35.4”E)
Event time: 10:30 PM – 12:00 AM


Note that even though it is free, please do register yourself, it will only take a few minutes and it will help us tremendously in gauging the numbers.

What will be provided in that RM 0:
Picnic sheets

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries:
Jing Wen @ 017 331 1063

IW Staff Recruit for January 2015

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Dear all Raleighians,

Are you missing IW? Dealing with post-expedition blues from nth years ago or pre-expedition anxiety? Do you miss the jungle and making friends with leeches? Looking for a great way to kickstart 2015 with something adventurous? Well then good news, everyone! Introduction Weekend will be back on the 9th – 11th of January 2015! Lockdown the dates if you are up for a weekend escapade to the jungle and its inhabitants for only RM20!

We are in need of staffs to run IW, below are the roles you can take up for the upcoming IW:

Logistics Officer
You will be dubbed the king/queen of logs as you rule over your castle, the logs tent! You will handle all camp equipments and ensure that everything is in mint condition before, during, and after IW. Without you, there will be no tasks and no roofs over our heads to protect us from the wind and rain. Worried you will be stuck at the logs tent all the time? No worries, you can be a facilitator too!

Camp Chief
Chef extraordinaire! You rule the Michelin three star jungle kitchen. In your domain not even the logs king/queen dare goes against your orders for food is a necessity. Your inner Gordon Ramsay is whispering for you to take up this role.

We cannot stress enough the need to have medics in our IW. If you have the qualifications or a certified first aider please sign up for this role as you’re probably the only one we can turn to in the event of an emergency. You will also be able to take up the facilitator role.

Ex-venturers, remember how your coordinators inspired and instilled the spirit of getting out there during your IW days? Well you will be doing the same this time, planting the seeds of R into their minds and inspiring them to get out of their comfort zone should you choose this role.

Friday set-up team
We are in dire need of a Friday set-up team! Your role is to head down to IW campsite in advance to set up the site. If you are eager to challenge your immense jungle craft and camping skills, please do join the team! If you’re only available on Friday and not for the weekends you are still welcome to join!

Trekkers this is your call to set the trail on fire! Your responsibilities are to recce and ensure that the trekking trail is clear and safe for the IW participants. In addition you will ensure the safe returns of all participants and staff to the IW campsite after the trek.

Campsite team
The all-rounders! You carry out all sorts of tasks, from facilitation duties to cooking to clean up. You get a taste of a little bit of everything as you will be taking up multiple different roles at all times. What better place to start your first IW staff experience then to join our campsite team?

Friday registration team/PR
If you are unable to make it for the whole IW but still want to meet new people, it is fine for you can join our Friday registration team! You will handle ice breaking, registration, on spot enquiries and spot checks.

Sunday support team
If you’re unable to contribute your Friday you can still help out by joining the Sunday support team! You are tasked to welcome the tired staff and participants warmly and assist with the closing ceremony. 

Feel free to reach us at should you have any enquiries/concerns. 

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