Calling All Sea Challengers!

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Can you hear that? It’s the sound of the ocean, calling you. 

With all the hustle and bustle of the city speaking to you in many different form of colored lights, you could still hear the ocean chanting your name as you envision yourself swimming and kayaking for a grueling 18km around a lush green island with blue painted skies and cotton candy clouds.

“Adventure is not outside man; it is within.”, George Eliot once said, and we believe that if you’re the one to break routine, or to boldly jump off the ledges of your comfort zone into the great, big, wild unknown, or to even think about pushing your own buttons to see how far you can actually go, then, adventure will go wherever you wish to pursue.  

Having said that, Raleigh Round Island Challenge is back again once more to satiate that inner fire of yours, where you’d be able to challenge yourself in the hurdles of the open sea and to test one’s own limit.

Question is, are you ready to GET OUT THERE and be challenged?

If yes, grab your team and start training as we’re bracing the seas at Perhentian Island, Malaysia on the 13th to 15th of May 2016. For more information, please stay put, as more details are coming to you soon.

For more queries, feel free to nudge us at

Adventure is Calling Your Name!

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Hello everybody!

Do you what time is it?



We're going Caving in Batu Caves and don't miss out on the great deals we're offering! Current price of joining the Dark Caves Programme is at fees of RM80, but for honorary members of Raleigh KL, we're offering you RM60 ONLY. For non-members, price is still at great offer at the ringgit of just 70


For members AND non-members, we're having a special discounted price for students at just RM40! That's like half the price of the usual, so, calling out students! Do not miss out on this opportunity to get all the fun! Expect to be sliding, climbing, crawling and getting wet in this adventurous turn of event! 

For more information on the event:

When: 28th of November 2015!  
Meetup Point: Divya's Cafe, Batu Caves (Grab some tosai and milo panas for breakfast before the fun!)
Meetup Time: 9.00am 
Duration of Caving Session: 3-4 hours depending on group speed.

Register yourself through our online form below and proceed with the bank-in to confirm your registration. Link here:
Note: Only participants who have registered through the google form above will secure their slots for payment. Limited spaces only though, so, hurry! 

Payment Method:
Beneficiary Name: Pertubuhan Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur
Name of Beneficiary Bank: CIMB Bank Berhad
Account Number: 80-0106793-7 

Once you have banked in the fees just take a snapshot of the bank-in slip and email it to

Give us a buzz, if you have any queries:

Precious: 014-6470923
Charina Pria: 017-3818662
Ng Li Shan: 017-3080936

Meet Michelle Tan, Volunteer Manager of Borneo Expedition 15D!

I was in Expedition 15D as a Volunteer Manager for 12 weeks. Inspiring people and being inspired. Also, I was involved in developing young adults and bringing sustainability development to rural areas in Borneo.
As a Volunteer Manager, we were all assigned for an intensive training for 2 weeks involving all Fieldbase Staff and Volunteer Managers.
Phase 1 & 2 – I was involved in a W.A.S.H project at Kampung Sonsogon Magandai. Spent 7 weeks in total constructed gravity water fed system which provided fresh water to the community, built toilets and conducted water & hygiene lessons to the kindergarten. The physical work was tough, but the experience was remarkable and the result was rewarding! The kids were adorable and villagers were helpful!

Michelle and the adorable kids of Sonsogon Magandai.
In Phase 1, we focused on the water dam construction and connection for the main pipeline. We have to trek for an hour to the water source at the hills to move materials and construct the water dam for the gravity water fed system.

Michelle and her team at the construction of the water dam.

Here's Michelle laying the pipe hoses for the village!
In Phase 2, we connected individual pipelines to the individual households and built one toilet. It was such a great experience to see smiles on each faces, once they have direct access to clean water for each household.
Before Raleigh: No water for individual households, families to fetch water from the nearest water source (i.e. river, steep hills)/No sanitation units nearby the households, each family to perform the traditional method (i.e. open defecation)
After Raleigh: Direct water supply to more than 30 households/3 sanitation units available for sharing at Kampung Sonsogon Magandai
Phase 3 - For the remaining 3 weeks, I was in the amazing Imbak Canyon constructing the suspension bridge for the conservation area. It was a great experience in contributing towards reaching the World Heritage Site status. Showering in Imbak Falls is something that we look into every day after a longs day work.
Here's Michelle laying the foundation for the suspension bridge!

Michelle and her team at hard work constructing the suspension bridge.
With Raleigh, this was a once in a lifetime experience which you will never get to experience elsewhere. Helping the less fortunate people and understand the environment develops you to a better individual. Able to experience amazing views in my own country, spending quality time with awesome people around the world, sweating all over with a smiley face and do things that I have never done in my life. I am very proud that I made it through the end of the expedition and only people that were part of Raleigh will truly understand what you have been through. 

This is my experience, my story.

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