May 2015 Introduction Weekend

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Do join us for our upcoming Introduction Weekend camp in May. This will be a great opportunity to attend IW before the next expedition in June. So book your weekends and come join us!
Register here to take the first step to a weekend you will never forget!
Ex-IWers and ex-venturers with the burning passion for Raleigh don't forget to register as staffs here! We want you there!

Raleigh Round Island Challenge 2015

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Calling out the swimmers, the kayakers, and all the outdoor enthusiasts out there, who's craving for an adventure of a lifetime and wishes to challenge and push themselves further beyond their limits.

Look no further as,..

Raleigh Round Island Challenge is back!

With the ultimate sense of adventure mixed up with a rush of pure adrenaline and a common goal to give back to the society in hand, then do stay tune for more information as we will be announcing more details very soon!


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Hey people, stressed out over never ending assignments, meetings, projects, studies and work? Missing the sounds of nature and having power showers in the ice cold water of the river? Well, good news! The dates of the next Introduction Weekend(IW) camp has been decided.

The upcoming IW camp will be held on 15th May 2015 to 17th May 2015.

Raleigh Kuala Lumpur is a NGO that supports youth development by facilitating the process of sending venturers as well as staff to embark on expeditions organized by Raleigh International.

Every year, Raleigh International holds expeditions in places such as Borneo, Tanzania, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. An IW camp basically gives you a taste of the expedition lifestyle by squeezing 10 weeks of activities into 3 days. 

Therefore, by attending this IW camp, you will have the opportunity to have a glimpse of the expedition life. Also, it is COMPULSORY for participants to attend an IW camp before embarking on your chosen expedition.

Interested already? Mark the dates down on your calendar this instant and loop your friends in to join in the fun!

As for staff roles, we will definitely need the help of Raleigh members, ex-venturers, Raleigh dinosaurs, fossils etc. I would deeply appreciate if you all could come back and assist me in carrying out this IW camp. Various roles will be offered and do stay tune for more information on the roles which we will be releasing on our Facebook page.

If you have any inquiries on IW, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at or drop us a message on our Facebook page and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.


Ng Li Shan
Introduction Weekend Officer May 2015

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