February Monthly Activity 2014 - Bentong OA

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It has been 2 years and we are still counting..

In conjunction with Post Introduction Weekend Project, Raleigh KL will be going back to Bentong OA  to provide a better study environment for the Orang Asli kids.

If you are interested to help on the project which Raleigh Kuala Lumpur constantly working on, come join us on this Saturday 22nd of February 2014!

For any further inquiries, feel free to contact us through:
Projects Officer - Liang Keat  (017-2671288)

Yee-har!! Join us as IW Staff March 2014 and accumulate auspiciousness!

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Dear Raleigh KL friends & supporters,

As we enter the Year of the Horse, here are the latest readings and predictions from the Almanac of Equus Universelies - 

The month of March will bring good tidings to visitors of nature, especially when these visitors are exerting effort towards a good cause. Everyone from all the animal signs in the Chinese Horoscope (including Peacock), will benefit from massive returns of fortune should they sign up for volunteering activities, and will accumulate exponential value of karma should they choose to return a favour that they have gained previously.

According to Feng Shui expert Master Khoo Da, the best opportunity to maximise on this good month is the Introduction Weekend, held from 28 - 30 March 2014.

In fact, the beginning seasons of Spring, which is right now, is the best time to sign up as a Staff for Introduction Weekend. Signing up now will increase your chances of bulkier red-coloured envelopes and avalanches of golden coloured fruit:

Please click this link to sign up your details

For those who are new to Introduction Weekend, and is extremely interested to join as a participant, Master Khoo Da said it is best to be patient, for now is not the best time yet to do anything. However it will be great to register your interest in this form:

According to Senior Auspicious-Geologist Mr Hor See, the bathing of natural waters from rivers and ingestion of liquids flowing down from mountains will increase the flow of auspicious "Chi" in the body. Besides, the smells and greenery of the tropical rainforests can increase the ang-ness in the brain, therefore increasing overall mental and physical attractiveness for the people around you. 

Master Khoo and Mr Ho both validated that Raleigh Kuala Lumpur is one of the central portals available this year that channels auspicious horsepower, and that those who hang around in their presence will gain significant benefits in their luck and happiness.

Staff roles and descriptions:
Note that some roles can be doubled up during IW, so you can sign up for more than one role

Must be ex-venturers. You will be attached to a participant team, and be with them through their whole IW journey. There is a lot of facilitation and leadership involved in this role, and you will act as a mentor to your team. Challenging but highly rewarding.

Must have training or certification in first aid or similar courses. I don't think further explanation is needed on how essential this role is for security and emergency. You are a rare breed. We need you.

PR & Registration
Handling of enquiries and processing participant's application. You will also be needed on Friday evening to register participant's arrival. You will be the backbone of IW even beforeIW starts. Great for those who would like to help but unable to attend IW itself.

Friday set up team
If you are available on this Friday, we would GREATLY appreciate your help. You will go to the IW site in advance and start the set up of the campsite. 

Responsible for ensuring clear paths on the trekking trail, and also safe return of everyone from the trek. 

Facilitation + Logistics + Camp duties = Minions
The core working team of IW. We have received feedback from previous IWs that most staff enjoy a variety of duties. This is also a great way for everyone to have a go at facilitating game sessions. Hence we have decided to combine these three teams and everybody will get to rotate between different duties. 

Sunday support team at RMC
If you are unable to attend the full IW, but can spare some time on Sunday afternoon, we will appreciate some hands in getting RMC ready for the return of the whole IW crew for the closing. 


Staff Facilitation Training
Date: 15th March 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 9am - 6pm
Venue : TBC
I will be conducting this training using experiences I have gained as an Outward Bound Instructor and group facilitator. The goal of this training is to increase the level of facilitation competency within IW staff as a whole. We are creating more opportunities to facilitate for all staff, and we want you to be prepared for it. Facilitation is also a great skill to have that can be applied in areas outside IW such as school, workplace, project work, etc. 


If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact:
1. Jing Wen - IW Mar14 Chief Organizer at iw.secretariat@raleighinternational.org.my
2. Pei Ting - IW Officer at introweek@raleighinternational.org.my


If you are unable to join us this IW, do support us by spreading the word about IW and about Raleigh KL. Feel free to share our posts on the website and Facebook. We want to get more people to Get Out There!

THANK YOU all. Hope you at least had fun reading this.
Gong Xi Fa Cai! Drive safe and Happy Celebrations!

**Disclaimer: all predictions, almanacs, claims and horse related characters in this email are just a figment of my imagination - caused by excessive consumption of mandarin oranges.

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